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Bartholomew Squires-Spratling

Designer, Cinema Operator, Filmmaker,
Digital Cinema Technician & Car Enthusiast.

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I’m Bart

A few words about me
Every day I am thankful to be able to do work I truly love. My passion for art and technology in all their forms has translated into a rich career in design, film making and the cinema industry.
I’ve been designing and coding since the age of 11, and I went on to study Graphic Design and Multimedia at Federation University. After my studies I made an unexpected turn into the cinema industry, where I was able to use my skills to develop a fresh style guide and corporate identity, as well as an entirely new website with updated ticketing capabilities.
As General Manager of an independent cinema, I built and developed a team of dedicated individuals who helped me shape my success in bringing more interesting, unique and engaging films to our audiences.

In my 7 years at the cinema I played a key role in myriad developments and refurbishment projects, including the transition to Digital Cinema.

Much of my spare time is spent designing, watching movies and, occasionally, making movies!

I am an extraordinarily driven individual and, at only 29 years of age, I have my best work still ahead of me. The only thing capable of breaking my focus is the rumble of a V8.

Looking to buy my Jeep?

A great first car of family car.

My Work

A small example of the design work I’ve done

Regent Cinema Linework

Regent Trivia Branding

Regent Cinemas Website

Camaro Race Livery

Camera on the short film
Thumb a Ride.
Dir. Darren Collinson.

Coming Soon

The rest of the website is still under construction. Please in the meantime, consider buying my car! 😉

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